North Florida Springs Guided Dives

Devils Den Guided Dive Devil's Den is more than just another spring dive. The site is home to some breath taking paleontological discoveries as scientists recovered the remains of prehistoric mammals who fell victim to the Devil's Den Trap until about 10,000 years ago.    Submerge in the world renowned Devil... Find Out More

Rainbow River Guided Dive Join one of our pros on a beautiful shallow water drift dive down one of Florida's crystal clear springs, Rainbow River. Here, you have the chance to see some amazing wildlife like Florida Gar and see the bubbling of the sand as fresh spring water flows into the river. It's a dive like no other and great for bo... Find Out More

Other Local Area Dives Buford Springs, Paradise Springs, Manatee Springs, Peacock State Park, Ginnie Springs, Hudson Grotto and Troy Springs just to name a few. Call today for more details or to schedule your dives.  Find Out More