At Florida Springs Scuba, we believe that comfort is essential for an exceptional diving experience. While many dive professionals emphasize the importance of relaxation, we go a step further by teaching you how to truly relax and savor the underwater realm. Without feeling at ease underwater, the experience falls short of its potential.

Maintaining proper buoyancy and trim while diving is a fundamental skill crucial for your comfort and safety in the water. These skills are not advanced; they are essential and often, simply need to be demystified for divers of all levels. Whether you're a novice, certified diver, cave diver, or diving professional, we provide courses and workshops to enhance your diving skills and journey. Our professional diving staff is also available to help you select properly fitted dive gear that's also essential for proper buoyance and trim.  

Enjoy professional scuba instruction while you revel in the beauty of Florida's renowned Springs. Join us for Florida Springs Dive Club for meetings and club dives around North Florida. We invite you to travel with us around the world as we continue to pursue our passion for diving and divers. Your adventure awaits!