• Night/Limited Visibility

Night/Limited Visibility

Night diving requires different skills from diving during the day. Thw SSI night Diving and Limited Visibility specialty is the best way to learn about night diving and practice the techniques you will need to become a safe and confident night diver. 


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In this program, you will be provided with all the knowledge and skills you need to safely and comfortably dive at night or in limited visibility conditions. With a combination of online learning and open water training dives, you will learn how to enter and exit the water, use specialized equipment, and how to communicate with your budy easily at night or on limited visibility. 

Specialty Diving Courses will widen your eyes to the underwater world while expanding your knowledge and polishing the skills learning during your Open Water Diver Training. Due to the diversity of our instructors, we can pass on our knowledge while you gain experience exploring one of our local spring.

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