Extended Range/Technical

Extended Range Foundations The SSI Extended Range Foundations program provides you with an opportunity to enhance your advanced diving skills in a workshop environment. Learn more about using tec diving gear with any total diving system you are certified to use and build upon your basic skill set to master buoyancy, trim, finning techniques, pos... Find Out More

Extended Range Sidemount The Extended Range Sidemount program trains you to dive in a sidemount configuration, and the techniques required to use multiple stage cylinders carried for decompression diving efficiently and effectively. Improving your diver trim and streamlining by using a sidemount configuration allows you to explore more constri... Find Out More

Extended Range Nitrox The SSI Extended Range Nitrox program provides a thorough introduction to the concepts, techniques, and procedures required for decompression diving with nitrox. Designed as either a stand-alone program or a stepping-stone to become an SSI Extended Range Trimix diver, this enriched air diving program provides foundatio... Find Out More

Extended Range SSI’s Extended Range program provides avid divers with the training they need to experience the excitement of tec diving. Explore caves, enjoy extended bottom times, and experience the thrill of diving deep reefs and wrecks Find Out More

Technical Extended Range  During this Extended Range diving program, you will go beyond the no-decompression limit by increasing your dive depth and duration. Using either a sidemount or twinset configuration, the Technical Extended Range Trimix gas diving program provides avid underwater explorers with the training necessary to independe... Find Out More

Extended Range Cave Explore further than ever before and learn how to dive in the most demanding underwater environments. The SSI Cave Diving program teaches adventure seekers the correct procedures and protocols to conduct cave penetration dives with a single navigational choice. Depending on your certifications, you can use either a sid... Find Out More

Extended Range Full Cave SSI Full Cave Diving teaches you complex underwater navigation skills as you learn how to manage a traverse, jump, tee, and gap within a cave system. Performing advanced cave dives is as technical as it gets and will take you to exciting dive locations worldwide.   [widget=2177]   Find Out More