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Does the idea of shivering your way through a dive make you want to stay on dry land? Drysuit diving opens up a world of opportunities, including diving remote Arctic destinations and exploring cold-water dive sites teeming with life.

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Drysuits bring comfort to cold-water diving, multiple dive days, or tech diving where you will be underwater for a long time. There is no set rule on what temperature the water should be when you switch to wearing a drysuit because everyone feels the cold differently. Drysuit diving is different than regular recreational diving and the Drysuit Diving Course will provide the training needed to dive the new gear more comfortably and safely

The SSI Dry Suit Diving specialty program is the best way to become a dry suit diver and teaches you all the knowledge and techniques you need to dive safely and comfortably in a dry suit.

You will learn how to use specialized equipment, like dry suits and BCs, the benefits of dry suits and how to deal with dry suit emergencies – which are unique to this type of diving. Upon completion, you will earn the SSI Dry Suit Diving specialty certification.

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